Location: Red Sea Hills-Halaieb Province
Chemical Composition: 3MgO.4SiO2H2O
The estimated reserve is about 500 million ton.
Chemical analysis :
Al2O3 0.34 %
CaO 3.06 %
MgO 31.73%
Fe2O3 0.10 %
SiO2 53.20%
L.O.I 10.87%

Industrial Utilities :
1. Talcum Powder
2. manufacturing of plastics.
3. manufacturing of ceramics products such as bathroom fixtures.
4. Extender and filler in paints.
5. To improve opacity, brightness and whiteness of the paper>s and ability to absorb
6. In Cosmetics and Antiperspirants
7. In Roofing Materials.

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