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The Republic of Sudan is one of the Africa’s largest countries after Congo and Algeria with estimated 65% of the country having highly prospective geology for minerals exploration

Mineral Potential of Sudan

Sudan has a long history and a big heritage of Mining culture which go back to three thousand years when Nubians extracted gold and base metals and smelted iron to make water wells.

Mineral resources have not been fully explored as of yet but include: petroleum, natural gas, gold, silver, gold, silver, chrome, asbestos, manganese, gypsum, mica, zinc, iron, lead, uranium, copper, kaolin, cobalt, granite, nickel and tin.

The Pan-African terrains dominate the geology of the country. These terrains were found to host most of the economically valuable mineral deposits, where huge mineral potentials are yet to be discovered and exploited.

We offer mineral under the product following:
  • Chrome
  • Talc
  • Mica
  • Black sand
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